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Speech Contest

Date:2016-05-09 08:27:44

     On May 8th, "energy saving and emission reduction" speech contest was held in the workshop of the company. The contest aims to arouse the staff's awareness of protecting environment, saving energy and reducing emission. By such a contest, the staffs are required to form the habit of saving the energy and contribute to the development of low carbon economy.
  27 speakers form workshop and logistic department instantiated the importance and emergency of energy saving, emission reduction and other environmental problems with examples and data in their life. They advocated that all the staff should, start form their own, try their best to become a propagator, practitioner and forerunner in energy saving and emission reduction. The speakers' performance was great #118alued by the people present. Finally, Xincheng Wangfrom the foreign trade department won the first prize.
  The company's general manager Deyong Tan said energy saving and emission reduction were a long-term work. By such an activity, he hoped that all the staff could take it for granted and insist on it; and left latter generation a better and cleaner environment.

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