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  • product name: 120KN-120KN
  • Product number: a002
  • Added time: 2016-07-20


   High reinforced Polyester Mine Grid is a kind of fake ceiling mesh mainly used for coal mine as well as other mines and underground civil engineering. It adopts high-modulus and high strength long polyester fiber warp knitted and bundled together as its body and then is coated with fire retarding and static conducting material. It is a good substitute for metal mesh, plastic mesh, steel-plastic composite mesh, packing belt mesh and etc.

Distinguished characteristics

 ·Soft, light, high tensile and high strength of the junction.

 ·Acid and alkali resistance, cold and moisture resistance.

 ·Corrosion resistance, long life, fire retarding and and static conduction.


 ·Fake ceiling supporting in stoping face.

 ·Anchoring and shotcreting tunnel supporting.

 ·Temporary and permanent supporting in tunnel.

 ·Other mining tunnel projects and underground civil engineering.


 ·Avoiding tunnel sliding, leakage of gangue and roof falling and improving mine safety and reducing mining accidents.

 ·Reducing ventilation resistance and saving energy.

 ·Recyclable and easy installing.