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  • product name: 400KN-400KN
  • Product number: b001
  • Added time: 2016-07-20


  Warp-knitting polyester Uniaxial and Biaxial Geogrid adopts high strength, high modulus, and low shrinkage twisting industrial polyester fiber as raw material. It is warp knitted with oriented structure and in the condition of no bending among warp and weft direction. Its cross points are bundled and bended together by high strength long polyester fiber forming tough conjunction. Then it is coated with high-quality oil or water soluble PVC to give full play to its mechanical property.

Distinguished characteristics

 ·High strength, high modulus and low elongation.

 ·Anti-aging, anti-fragile and high tensile strength.

 ·Pre-designed and easily combing with gravel and soil.


 · Expressway and road reparation, soft roadbed reinforcement of airport and railway.

 · Reinforcement of riverbank, embankment side slope.

 · Reinforcement of various foundation.

 · Reinforcement of road and bridge.